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jacklehamster's News

Posted by jacklehamster - December 23rd, 2021

Hi there,

do you leave in Orange County? Wanna work on making games?

I'm starting a meetup on Game Development, hoping to start something big.

But anyway, if you're nearby and don't have anything to do on Dec 26, 2021, I hope to see you:

https://www.meetup.com/drunken-game-dev/events/282828872 at 5pm.

See you there!



Posted by jacklehamster - December 20th, 2021

In case you're stuck (which is a guarantee for this game), here's a full walkthrough of the impossible point and click: The Impossible Room.

1:00 The Entrance

2:19 First room

9:20 The Time room

12:25 The Animal Room

14:55 The Gandalf Room

18:40 The Math Room

22:25 The Restaurant

26:25 The Music Room

30:26 The Room with No Clue

35:57 The Desert Room

38:55 The Batman Room

40:39 The Computer Room

40:59 The Impossible Room

48:10 Fun Fact: The Rooms that did not make it

If you haven't yet, you should attempt to beat this impossible game first:


Posted by jacklehamster - November 26th, 2021

It's been a while since I released anything on Newgrounds. For the last few months, I was really busy, working on Amazon's pet project, which recently became public. Little by little, I contributed to this silly point-and-click escape game.

This is an idea I had for a while. I was thinking of making an adventure game, with obscure puzzles that have are impossible to solve.

Why? Well, when I grew up, I remember being frustrated by those Lucasfilm adventure games. The first time I tried Indiana Jones, I found it so mind-boggling that I wanted to get a refund on it. I forced myself to play it, and eventually got completely hooked. I played more games like Maniac Mansion (and its excellent sequel Day of the Tentacle) and Zac McKracken. This culminated with my all time favorite point-and-click adventure, Monkey Island 2.

iu_481355_3303991.jpg iu_481356_3303991.gif

Well, here it is. A game with even more obscure puzzles:

This game is an escape game with rooms that are impossible to escape, and filled with medals that are impossible to unlock! I think those last few months have made me increasingly sadistic. Please don't retaliate with bad reviews.




Posted by jacklehamster - August 21st, 2021

So there you have it, all my music is now available on BandCamp for free.

Here are the last two albums uploaded:

iu_396358_3303991.jpg iu_396359_3303991.jpg

Some highlights:

- La fin des rĂªves (vol 3)

- Sadness (vol 3)

- Stella (vol 3)

- Space tango (vol 4)

- YubNub (vol 4)

- Dreamers (vol 4)



Posted by jacklehamster - March 1st, 2021

I finally got around to get a working Windows machine to fix an issue in the latest version of "I lost Eva".

For informational purposes, here is the fix for it:


The issue was that I was using Uint16 instead of Floats to pass a matrix into the vertex shaders. I'm guessing that depending on the endian, Uint16 can translate into Floats magically or incorrectly, and that's why it was working on my Mac but not on Windows machines.


Posted by jacklehamster - February 15th, 2021


Posted by jacklehamster - December 11th, 2020

Hey everyone,

I just happen to find a video I took while I was working on Baby Hitler 2 (just a part of it). I don't know why I never did anything with it or even why I took that video in the first place, but I'm glad I did.

It might look a bit boring, it's just me working. But if you're curious about my workflow, feel free to check it out!

on a unrelated note,

I AM working on a Baby Hitker 3 sequel. At least I'm thinking about it :-P

I just have the story completed, and the overall gameplay idea. Just need to get back to programming.

Oh, and for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, Baby Hitler is a controversial game I made back then.

Which made it into a strange sequel:

and I can tell you already, the third installment is gonna be even more disturbing!




Posted by jacklehamster - January 24th, 2020

That's right, you get to see what happens after the SPACE ENDING of Kill Baby Hitler.

In a sequel whose premise is entirely based on an Easter Egg!

Again, you get 4 endings.

There are countless ways to die. I will add extra medals for those at some point. Tons of new songs. I listed most of them on the page but not all, cause some of them play only during endings so I didn't want to spoil.

There is still one big area of the game I didn't have time to complete, but I decided to rush it so I can release it for pixelday2020. Since I produced all the art in 64x64 pixels, I thought this would be fitting.

The missing area is optional to finish the game, but I'll try to add it soon, along with all the extra medals.

So yeah, please check the game and leave a comment! You can also chime in on the game's community thread here:



Have a nice day!



Posted by jacklehamster - October 24th, 2019

I finally added the ability to save / load in the game. This is the most requested feature.

This should make it possible to get those last two medals. You just have to play the game for a couple months...


Posted by jacklehamster - August 17th, 2019

Hey everyone,

I just submitted a game for #LOWREZJAM. A point-and-click adventure, all 64x64 pixels.

It will make its way into newgrounds eventually, but it might take some time before I add all the story elements needed.

Meanwhile, you can preview the game on itch.io at:




PS: This game is meant to be a sequel for one of my games.... Can you guess which one?