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It's not really news, but yeah Flash isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

That is, unless Adobe actually makes Flash open source, then maybe someone can implement a Flash interpreter in JavaScript.

But anyway, I'm not making Flash games anymore, but I'm gonna try to compile all my old games back, and try to put them in some usable form (installed game or JavaScript).

For new games, I just try to use JavaScript, but it's not very performant. There might be some hope with some of the new advances on the web, like WebAssembly. I'm also looking into Three.js (which is a framework on top of WebGL).

But yeah, nothing comes close to what Flash has given us. The good news now, is that with WebAssembly, solutions for gaming will not form in terms of plugins, which means, there won't be a way for browsers to reject them.

So I have hope for the future. If you're a game developer and love to make web games, this might be a good technology to research.

Might not sound like a big deal to you, but the development of this game took really damn long, so I'm glad it's finally done.

Play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/668833


Just some update, I haven't been much active lately, but I did participate in the latest Ludum Dare jam, with a team of 4. Our entry is at: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=57566

Please check it out. It's an ambighous take on the theme "You are the monster".

Just made an entry for #indiesvsgamers gamejam

2015-07-20 00:15:41 by jacklehamster

Alright, I'm back at making indies games. I had to take for a while because I was temporarily jobless, then I just got a job at a game company.

Anyway, this is Light Cycles, a game produced in 2 days for #indiesvsgamers and inspired from TRON. Entirely written in JavaScript, and playable on Newgrounds here:




It's not on Newgrounds yet, because I want to make sure to get the complete game first. The game was released for the #AdventureJam, which groups a bunch of point-and-click adventure games produced in 2 weeks.

Oozie plays with himself is a game where you get to travel back it time and meet your own self. It's the same concept as Dave's Dream. Still don't really understand the concept? Check it out, you'll see!

Oozie's hex room



Actively working on Dave's Dream sequel: "Oozie plays with himself"

2015-04-16 21:38:39 by jacklehamster

Dave's Dream

Oozie plays with himself








Dave's Dream is getting a sequel!

In the original game, Dave was trapped in his dream, or I should say a nightmare, where he kept killing himself and restarting the day from the beginning. The reason for his depression is because he was fired from the job, caught by his boss while he was making a game at work.

After waking up, Dave got inspiration from his dream, and decides to make a game out of it. Things seems to go smoothly but his friend Oozie keeps bugging him while his working on his game. Finally, he's done making it, but accidentally traps himself and his friend inside the game itself. Now it's up to Oozie to explore Dave's gameworld, looking for the bug that Dave needs to fix in order to return to reality.

In Dave's Dream 2, dubbed as Oozie plays with himself, we reuse the mechanics from Dave's Dream that let's you travel back in time and play with your former self. Notable changes:
- We replaced the gun with a time travel device, so you don't have to constantly suicide during the game
- Time doesn't rewind to the beginning of the game, but only the beginning of the level. You can also reset all your past selfs simply by exiting the level and going back.
- Oozie puts on a random attire each level, which makes it easier to identify the real you.
- We're adding dialogs this time.

I hope you like those changes, whether you've liked or hated or didn't even play Dave's Dream.

Oozie plays with himself will be released on Gamejolt as a demo for #AdventureJam, which ends tomorrow. The Newgrounds version will be released later, after turning the demo into a full game. If you'd like a sneak pick, check out the gamejolt version, or you can wait for the release to get the full game experience.


I'm putting Dobuki's Epic Journey on hold (again), because I need to spend 100% of my gamedev energy on learning and making a game in Unity. I'll get back to it afterwards, Dobuki's Epic is looking pretty awesome and I do plan to finish it!

Revealing a bit of my dark side

2015-03-29 23:30:11 by jacklehamster

It's been a while since I haven't put out a game that's not completely silly, retarted, or cute, or all funny and stuff. This time, I released Dave's Dream. A game that deals with serious topics like depression, suicide and dreams.

The game was released for a 2 day gamejam called #MeatlyJam, with the theme "Life as a Game Developer". In this game, Dave, a developer passionate about making games, is working on a gamejam when he gets caught by his boss. The story isn't explicit but we can guess things didn't go well, as Dave is later lying in bed, depressed, and contemplating suicide. Perhaps if he just closes his eyes and get himself lost in his dream, he can find a groundbreaking game idea that can save him.

The idea for this game is inspired by a recent Tom Cruise movie called Edge of Tomorrow. (Or Live. Die. Repeat). For some reason, I've been watching lots of Tom Cruise movies lately.

For this game, I also envisionned concepts like time travel. This is the result, a game in which you basically go back to the beginning by dying, get reborn, and interact with your former self to advance and solve puzzles. I have a hard time explaining the concept, but it's kinda like Edge of Tomorrow, or Groundhog Day. I guess you can also compare it with Back to the Future, where Marty meets another version of himself.

Please check it out here. Also check out the other #MeatlyJam submissions.


In case anyone's interested, I'm back at working on this game I started 2-3 years ago.

I will try to finish it for #FinishAGameJam.



More details here.