Entry #24

It's the end for Flaaasshhhhh

2017-08-24 00:49:52 by jacklehamster

It's not really news, but yeah Flash isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

That is, unless Adobe actually makes Flash open source, then maybe someone can implement a Flash interpreter in JavaScript.

But anyway, I'm not making Flash games anymore, but I'm gonna try to compile all my old games back, and try to put them in some usable form (installed game or JavaScript).

For new games, I just try to use JavaScript, but it's not very performant. There might be some hope with some of the new advances on the web, like WebAssembly. I'm also looking into Three.js (which is a framework on top of WebGL).

But yeah, nothing comes close to what Flash has given us. The good news now, is that with WebAssembly, solutions for gaming will not form in terms of plugins, which means, there won't be a way for browsers to reject them.

So I have hope for the future. If you're a game developer and love to make web games, this might be a good technology to research.


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2017-08-24 13:07:06

That's why i'm starting with html game engines, not flash anymore :(


2017-08-24 15:37:51

yeah flash is just outdated at this point. Was the best thing around for a considerably long time though.