Mass game production

2013-12-03 05:32:44 by jacklehamster

Lately, things have been productive. Three new games got release, each part of a game jam.
- 0h maze: Made in 3h for 0h game jam
- Divine Techno Run: Made in a week for Game Jolt's Contest (Theme: Party)
- flo: Made for Charity Jam. Sometimes I skip jams, but I really didn't want to miss this one.

Interesting fact: To produce flo, I actually used pre-made art from the artist. (I had to cut out the characters from the image). So the art was actually not produced for the game. I also lack time so I basically hacked Divine Techno Run, which uses a semi-3d engine. I didn't use the Youtube API of Divine Techno Run, it actually slows things down a lot.

0h Maze (pronounced zero hour maze) was produced for 0h game jam. I didn't really understand the rules, but I guess I was supposed to produce the game in less than 1h, and during daylight saving time... whatever. Nobody's really anal about the rules for those jams.
Still, 3h is the shortest I've done to make a game. I was working on some other game and I needed a break, so I made that one. I was also planning to work on Shark Jam during that weekend but that one fell through (too bad).

Anyway, I've been working pretty intensively on a game engine (used in the last 2 games) which will allow me to make more performant games. The next project should be interesting.


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